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needs update from its site at github

about TB 1.10.1 you forgot to replace the Oxygen.DLL in thinbasic\Lib by the new file from
package thinBasic_Oxygen.zip in https://github.com/Charles-Pegge/OxygenBasic
the current Oxygen.dll in thinbasic\lib is 140 kb while in recent package it is 531 kb
this dll is needed by thinBasic_Oxygen.dll. also it needs to replace all the TB 1.10.1 oxygen examples by the examples in the package , the graphical and physics examples will work only after this replace (dlls and examples) except psva10.tbasic
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24-07-2017 19:00
Super Moderator
Hi Primo,

are you sure it is different version of DLL? I am asking because Eros uses to compress the DLLs with UPX to make them smaller...


24-07-2017 20:39
thinBasic author
I will check.
I didn't know about https://github.com/Charles-Pegge/OxygenBasic

24-07-2017 20:48
thinBasic author
Uploaded an updated version of thinBasic at http://www.thinbasic.biz/projects/th...c_1.10.1.0.zip
Can you please check if ok?

25-07-2017 11:06
now it is okay, but remove the old files here:

since FractalMandCP14, GBuffers_TexCP6, PortViewer does not work
collision2 flicker when we add a sphere

C:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\Oxygen\Graphical is okay
C:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\Oxygen\GuiTbglO2 is okay
C:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\Oxygen\Physics is okay

if you move the working folders to inside the Oxygen\Examples\ folder replacing the non working folders will be better.
@Petr, the C:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\Oxygen\GuiTbglO2 is very good , i like especialy Julia_BMP_Dynamic_Oxygen_2.0.tbasic it is so speedy, that even we can move the form and change the parameters in run time

28-07-2017 21:23
Petr, i have downloaded latest upx from https://sourceforge.net/projects/upx/ and applied over Oxygen.dll ( 531kb ) with the default compression ratio and the graphical examples works like described immediately above, the size of the new Oxygen.dll is 159kb, from the original size 531kb of the dll provided from https://github.com/Charles-Pegge/OxygenBasic in 24/7/2017 and now available from the newest TB download.
not sure about the old compressed dll of size 140kb

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