GetBoneVertexCount and GetBoneVertexID
issueid=77 15-02-2008 11:27
thinBasic MVPs
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GetBoneVertexCount and GetBoneVertexID

Hi Petr,

I would like to retrieve the amount of vertices connected to a bone plus retrieve their ID's.

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09-03-2008 18:42
Super Moderator
Hi Mike,

the VertexIDs could be returned to passed array, which would be autodimensioned by this command.
Is it ok for you?

So something like:
NumberOfVertices = TBGL_m15GetBoneVertices( Model, Bone, thinBasicArrayOfLongs )


09-03-2008 19:33
thinBasic MVPs
Maybe I'm to tired today, but I don't understand the concept. Sorry.

09-03-2008 20:07
Super Moderator
I am sorry,

next try :)

To retrieve list of vertices in particular bone:
DIM MyIndices(32) AS LONG
DIM HowMuchVerticesReally AS LONG

HowMuchVerticesReally = TBGL_m15GetBoneVertices( %ModelOfMonster, %Eye, MyIndices )

' -- Now HowMuchVerticesReally contains number of vertices in bone
' -- Now MyIndices array is dimensioned as for appropriate number of bones and contains their indices

Is it more clear now? :-[


09-03-2008 22:24
thinBasic MVPs
Ok, but you need to define the array of vertices before with a specific vertexcount, or?

09-03-2008 22:48
Super Moderator

I think thanks to thinCore functions I can redim the variable on my own, from within module.
This way behaves PARSE ( not parse$ ! )command for example.

I will think about it more, getting sleepy too today :)


27-11-2008 11:12
thinBasic MVPs
Topic closed as I don't need the requested functionality anymore.

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