MDI - Code Browser sync
issueid=68 02-08-2010 17:13
Super Moderator
Number of reported issues by Petr Schreiber: 146 MDI - Code Browser sync

In, the MDI - Code Browser sync does not respond to all cases yet,
for example CTRL+TAB is unhandled.

Issue Details
Issue Number 68
Project thinAir and Visual Designer
Category Unknown
Status Fixed
Priority Unknown
Affected Version Unknown
Fixed Version 1.8.7
Milestone thinAir
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02-08-2010 18:02
thinBasic author
If you download again beta 1.8.6 I've added CTRL+TAB switch sync
I will leave this bug open because it is just a work around fix.
I will add more complete sync in next version


02-08-2010 18:52
Super Moderator
Thanks Eros,

worked great!


13-02-2011 11:59
thinBasic author

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