thinBasic thinDebug crash
issueid=66 28-06-2010 09:41
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thinBasic thinDebug crash

Hi Eros,

I noticed one thing in, but it might be present in earlier releases as well.
  • Enter the script posted below
  • Press F8 to Debug
  • Press F5 to run till predefined break point
  • Now cursor is on breakpoint ... press Stop button
  • RTE will correctly appear, click OK
  • GPF in Trace module occurred

Uses "Console" 

Function TBMain()
 Local Dummy1   As DWord
 '[breakpoint] This is breakpoint 
 Local Dummy2 As Double
End Function
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28-06-2010 10:44
thinBasic author
Yes, I'm aware of this and it can or cannot occurs depending on the situations.

What is the cause?
To be able to STOP the running script, parser must exit from all nested levels of whatever structure.
To do so, I need to trap a sort of errolevel at every internal loop and/or situation.
I already did it for many situations but in some other not.
So I will continue to check thanks to examples like your that is enough simple to try to catch the problem.

Thanks a lot.

23-08-2011 20:37
thinBasic author
This should be now fixed.
Problem in thinDebug window %WM_DESTROY message
Fix will be present in next release.

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