[low priority] ThinAIR Backup message
issueid=60 23-11-2009 20:37
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[low priority] ThinAIR Backup message

ThinAIR backup message about reaching the limit is good thing,
but it does not say which file. So when I have opened multiple tabs and run some file, and some of the other tab is "over the backup limit", on the first sight it seems the limit is reached for file currently launched.

So just adding filename to the messagebox should fix this confusion :)
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23-11-2009 21:11
thinBasic MVPs
Hu??? Message when limit is rerached? Why? What happens when the limit is reached?

23-11-2009 21:20
Super Moderator
Hi Michael,

there were some complains recently, that the backup script mechanism creates too many files. To have some control over it, Eros added simple warning mechanism - if you are over 100 backup files, thinAir warns you with message box.

But as you can see on the screenshot, the message does not say which file is "overbackuped".


23-11-2009 22:22
thinBasic author
Yes, that's right. I have to improve that part.
I just recently set a quick warning.

25-11-2009 04:53
What about adding a utility or some function under the FILE menu of thinAir to manage back ups? From there you could possibly delete, move, sort, sift, change options like how many back ups for a particular file or how often the file is backed up, etc ....


13-02-2011 15:37
thinBasic author
No more relevant as Backup mechanism is now user handled

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