Debug bug ?
issueid=59 22-06-2009 15:37
thinBasic MVPs
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Debug bug ?

try this make a new GUI from the template, save it then go into the debugger and set a break point in the button callback procedure and you should see an error message saying

Error code 4
Equals Sign Expected

line 35

It also seems to open the debug window with random settings.

I am using the latest beta (i think)
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22-06-2009 19:02
Super Moderator
I can confirm this behaviour.

22-06-2009 19:35
thinBasic MVPs
I don't even wanna mention it, but during my development with astroCrusher, it crashed with too. :oops:

23-06-2009 07:40
thinBasic author

Debugging UI application is quite complex due to the many messages are fired to the callback functions even if debugger is in "waiting for user input" mode.

In any case it dosn't have to generate errors. I will check asap.


13-12-2010 17:58
Issue Changed by Petr Schreiber

23-08-2011 20:39
thinBasic author
This should be now fixed for most of the UI examples

23-08-2011 20:39
Issue Changed by ErosOlmi
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