[middle priority] thinAir: Help interaction
issueid=58 22-11-2009 11:02
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[middle priority] thinAir: Help interaction

In the latest beta, I am able to copy from help file using right click + copy, but there is some unusual behavior as well:

  • Window of help stays in foreground (when I want to alt-tab to ThinAir I have to move the window of help or close it to see editor)
  • CTRL-C in help file causes beep and does not work (I suppose that is because the CTRL-C goes in fact to the edit control, where nothing is selected so it beeps)
  • CTRL-F in help file launches Find dialog from thinAir

This behavior manifests when I use F1 on keyword in thinAir. When I launch ThinBASIC help file from menu (or thinAir help from toolbar or menu), the window does not stay foreground and ctrl-F takes me back to thinAir.
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22-11-2009 20:25
thinBasic author

important is that now html text from help is correctly (or almost correctly) copied /pasted.

Help window is now always foreground respect to thinAir because I checked how SED was creating the help window, so mainly I followed its behave.
But if this is something weird for you I will change.

Regarding keys being intercepted by thinAir before the help window it is something I've never seen and at the moment I do not understand the reasons why it could happen. I'm investigating.


13-02-2011 15:25
thinBasic author
I think I've fixed this problem.
Thanks to this article http://www.codeproject.com/KB/winhelp/htmlhelp.aspx
I was able to understand that the initialize/uninitialize process I was using has a bug.
Now thinAir will just call needed help without anything else.

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