thinDebug (thinBASIC?): Stability issues
issueid=57 21-11-2009 15:39
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thinDebug (thinBASIC?): Stability issues

I had some minor stability issues when intensively using current and current-1 beta.

Take this code (again :)):
Uses "Console"
Type Vec2D
 x As Double
 y As Double 
End Type
Type VectorArray
 items(2) As Vec2D
End Type 
Dim a As VectorArray
a.items(1).x = 5
a.items(1).y = 4
a.items(2).x = 3
a.items(2).y = 2
PrintL a.items(1).x, a.items(1).y
PrintL a.items(2).x, a.items(2).y
When I go through it using F8 key in debugger, sometimes it ends ok, sometimes it GPFs on the end.
It is quite rare, no idea why it should crash.

Side note: The UDT variable inspection works great
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21-11-2009 16:05
thinBasic author

in current - 1 beta I discovered there were still problems in UDT hash tables.
Can you tell me if it still GPF in current beta?

Do not hurry, just tell me when it will happen.


21-11-2009 16:30
Super Moderator

sadly even current beta manifests this behavior, I attach screenshot.
It might be some de-initialization problem, or just debugger bites itself with WAITKEY.

When I removed the WAITKEY I could not reproduce it.

Regarding other stability issues, they were with previous beta, so it might be fixed now. But that will take more time to test.

21-11-2009 16:47
thinBasic author

can you please click on the blue text in GPF window? Hopefully it could give a little more info about what module (exe or dll) is crashing


21-11-2009 17:03
Super Moderator
It is thinBasic.exe.
Important is that it does not occur every time, but each ~10th debug session.
So probably some memory allocations, pointers ... not sure.

02-05-2011 07:11
thinBasic author

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