Bug: Several project related quirks
issueid=55 30-01-2010 17:26
thinBasic MVPs
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Bug: Several project related quirks

Hi Eros,

when I create or edit a project, several things don't work right atm.

1) A bundle icon can't be selected.
2) A bundle version isn't loaded or at least not displayed inside the project dialog.
3) When I change the project name, the Workspace info in the code browser isn't updated and the list of recent projects does not show the new project. This is related to Michael Clease bug report.
4) When I close a project, it closes all open scripts, even the ones who are not included in the project.
5) For Insert Item inside the project dialog, an item inside the list has to be selected to get that button to work
6) When you edit a project, the name includes the file extension. I would not display it. Could cause a problem, if the user is not careful.
7) When the filepath to project files includes the %USERPROFILE%, it can't be recognized by the dialog and so give a path error at teh first usage of this dialog. The next new project you create, it uses a former selected folder when it opens the path selector.
8 ) When you reopen thinAir with the option that the workspace, is reloaded, the scripts are there, but it seems, that the project is not loaded too.
9) When you edit a project and add or insert a script, it won't be opened inside thinAir when you press save nor is it added to the list of project files
10) How do you open a script from a project, that was closed before?

That's all for now.
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30-01-2010 19:35
thinBasic author
Yes, I know Michael.

Next things I will work on in thinAir is exactly:
  • projects files
  • templates (I will change into "solutions")

In any case, thanks for testing and letting me know in details. I will go though all of them.


30-01-2010 20:37
thinBasic MVPs
didn't know that you know all of them. Sorry for mention it here in public. If you want, delete the topic. :oops:

30-01-2010 20:49
thinBasic author
:D No, I didn't mean I knew all of them.
I just know it is a problematic area I still have to put my hands on ;)

So thanks for listing. When I will start working on projects I will go though your list.


PS: you know I do not have any problem in discussing bugs in public so do not worry :)

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