$Equates not coloured
issueid=54 01-02-2010 00:51
thinBasic MVPs
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$Equates not coloured

String equates are not coloured but they are used to be.
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01-02-2010 07:23
thinBasic author
You mean user equates created in the script?

No, they are no more colored because I have no control over the new editor control (CodeMax) in this case.
Previously they were colored because the edit control was developed by Roberto so he could do whatever he wanted. But we have seen that maintaining an edit control require too much work, even bigger than maintaining the full editor itself.

So for a while we have to survive to this unless I do not find a way to do it.
I have full C++ sources of CodeMax but honestly I will not spend too much time on it unless really necessary.


01-02-2010 10:14
thinBasic MVPs
Thanks for the Eros its more of a wish than a want.

13-02-2011 14:11
thinBasic author
Issie moved to feature request.
Maybe I will be able to develop at some point

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