New project crashes
issueid=51 28-02-2010 17:13
thinBasic MVPs
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New project crashes

I can make the new project window crash and I also noticed a 2 minor bugs

My default window has no project name, project location is %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\thinBasic\

If I click on select button for location it opens on the thinbasic install folder and not the current path
If I then select c:\thinbasic and give the project a name when the save button is clicked it crashes.

Another bug is my default path is correct so if I type a project name I can't save it because the button isn't active.

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28-02-2010 19:34
thinBasic author
Thanks Michael.

As I said in other posts thinAir Project functionality is something I still need to port from previous thinAir version.
New users cannot know the whole story (old users know it) but current thinAir comes from a previous project left unfinished.
Do not expect to have Project functionality fixed soon. I need to recode it 100% from scratch and incorporate it into thinAir code browser or something similar.

I think I will remove any Project reference in next update and let it reappear only when I will have something working.

In any case bugs reports on Project functionality will remain here to remember me that I have to do some ... homeworks.


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