C style remming issue
issueid=44 01-11-2010 16:31
thinBasic MVPs
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C style remming issue

Hello Eros,

I had a problem today with my program not executing certain lines and finally found out it was due to ' /* */ over lines
the following are the comments from the suspects as you can see the rem is opened then not closed on that line but it had already been remmed out :lol:
   '/* Counts 0, 1 and 2 are used
   ' for marker byte repetition only */
Issue Details
Issue Number 44
Project thinBasic
Category Core engine (thinCore.dll)
Status Fixed
Priority Unknown
Affected Version 1.8.6
Fixed Version 1.8.7
Milestone thinBasic
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13-02-2011 11:59
thinBasic author
Bug moved from thinAir to thinBasic project

Error occurs not in execution but in pre-parsing phase
I'm Checking.

13-02-2011 12:00
thinBasic author
Found the problem. Trying to find a solution

13-02-2011 13:44
thinBasic author
Fixed. Will be present in next release

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