thinAir support for raster fonts?
issueid=422 30-06-2013 20:45
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thinAir support for raster fonts?
thinAir displays names of raster fonts but will not use them for the editor

I have a number of bit-mapped raster fonts. For example, one of them is named RASTER15. If I right-click in a thinAir session and select Editor Properties, and select the "Editor" entry, one of the properties is "Font face".

If I click to the right of the currently-active font name, it brings up a font selection dialog.

I can pick a standard font like Courier New or Lucida Console, and that works fine. My fonts show up in the dialog, too, but I try to select one, my request is ignored, so that if the thinAir editing font was Courier New, it's still Courier New.

I also have a valid True Type font installed, called RasterTTF. This font name does not show up in the dialog, even though it appears elsewhere in other applications. I cannot type it manually into the font dialog, either; it just gets ignored.
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