Suggestions for thinBasic beta
issueid=40 08-11-2009 11:15
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Suggestions for thinBasic beta

Hi Eros,

not sure if this should go already into suggestions and bug reports. I have some wishes and suggestions for the next release.

1) Please save/load the state of the editor property Confine Caret to Text
2) Clear list of recent files and projects does not work
3) Reopen the codetips via context mouse menu when the caret is on a keyword.
4) thinAir creates a hell lot of backup files. To me it looks like it saves them several times you save the code. Is this correct? Can we limit the number of backup files?

That's all for now!

Take care
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08-11-2009 11:47
thinBasic author
Interesting suggestions.

Number (1) already done.
Number (4) is already in place but limit is very high (too much). I will lower it to 10 backup files for each source script.

I will work to the other requests.

27-03-2011 18:59
thinBasic author
I think this is already done mainly because thinAir changed into a new application

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