Disabeling option for the menu bar in thinAir
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Disabeling option for the menu bar in thinAir

Hi Eros,

I am a new user of thinBasic and I like it very much.
It makes it simple to try some programming ideas without the decoration and fuzz you have with other languages and tools.
Everything is quite nice and handy. As a C programmer for embedded devices I know what I'm saying.

There is just one thing I would like you to consider. On modern 16:9 notebooks and even worse on netbooks
there is not much space vertically and thinAir wastes a lot of this space for a massive menubar.

Would it be possible to reduce this space or have an option to disable the menubar?

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19-03-2012 16:56
thinBasic author

thanks a lot for your words. Having other experienced programmers view is really helping us improving thinBasic language and tools.

What part of thinAir are you referring?
thinAir has:
1. top menu
2. toolbar
3. tabs (for Code Browser usually on the left and files usually on the right)

Maybe you want something like Full Screen editing of the current file?


19-03-2012 19:53
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Buona sera Eros,

I am talking about the tool bar not menu bar, sorry my mistake.

If the tool bar, tabs, horizontal scrollbar and status line could be separately disabled or
rearranged that would give at least four more text lines in editor panel.
I know that this is already possible for the scrollbar.
A full screen mode is ugly on 16:9 screen the right half of it would normally just white background.


But one picture is worth a thousand words:

20-03-2012 21:50
thinBasic author
Is that an image mounting?
Nice :)

21-03-2012 10:12
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Hi Eros,

yes, mspaint simple cut and paste.


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