Debugger crash
issueid=315 17-09-2011 10:17
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Debugger crash
The debugger reports a syntax error and then crashes

Using ThinBasic, create a new program and select the GUI "CustomDialogWithButton" template. Run it normally with no modifications, it works fine. However, start the debugger (F8) and run it (F5). You get a syntax error on line 35 (it doesn't like the SELECT CASE statement) and when you click OK, the debugger crashes. This happens on both Windows 7 and Windows XP, so it doesn't look like a problem that's platform specific.
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Issue Number 315
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18-09-2011 09:19
thinBasic author
Hi Mike,

thanks for testing thinBasic.
Yes, I'm aware of that problems and I'm working on them. Debugging a UI script with tons of messages and callbacks fired is quite complex and I had many difficulties.
Even if you press F5 to execute the script, when you are under debugger control there are many info exchange between thinBasic Core engine and the debugger.

I will do my best to solve them.


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