No Scroll bars in offline help
issueid=311 06-09-2011 20:20
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No Scroll bars in offline help
Latest download missing help scroll bars

Check out COMM module equates as an example. On my screen (1366 x 768) the offline help display stops at %COMM_RLSD. You can get the rest of the screen by clicking and holding and pushing down, but there are no scroll bars as there are in the on line help. It is deceiving because you may think there are no more functions.

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Issue Number 311
Project thinAir and Visual Designer
Category Help handling
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Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 1.8.9
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07-09-2011 00:43
thinBasic author
Dear Rick,

I'm not able to replicate what you are describing
Can you please maximize your help window?

Also interesting to know is your operating system and version.
Possibly attach an image of what you are describing so I can better understand.

Thanks a lot

07-09-2011 20:43

Some jpg screen shots attached in a zip file, showing both small and maximized. I am using Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.


12-09-2011 19:02
Eros, I installed the latest version on my home desktop machine (Windows XP with a 4:3 aspect screen) and on this I do get scroll bars on the help. So this appears to have something to do either with Windows 7 (unlikely) or the 16:9 screen aspect of my laptop.


12-09-2011 19:55
thinBasic author
I'm checking.
Maybe is just a matter of text formatting, in this case there is a big table and I suspect it shows no bar because the table is too wide and no text after it at the bottom of the page.

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