extending common dialogs
issueid=302 13-08-2011 11:44
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extending common dialogs


Is it possible to extend the common dialogs with the FindTextex and the ReplaceText dialogs.


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14-08-2011 08:55
thinBasic author
Yes it is.As soon as I will be back from holidays I will work on them.

20-08-2011 17:28
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Thanks Eros,


20-08-2011 19:02
thinBasic author
Almost done

20-08-2011 19:51
thinBasic author
Implemented. Documentation in progress.
It will be present in next release 1.8.9

If in the meanwhile I finish version 1.8.9 (there are still a lot of things I need to fix) if you would like to test, just let me know and I will attach all you need to test (updated DLLs and script example)


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