"about thinair" submenu
issueid=294 26-06-2011 15:26
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"about thinair" submenu

Hi Eros
i want to report that in resolution 640x480 clicking help->about thinair, does not show the popup windows, and until i press Tab 2 times then Enter to be able to close that hidden popup "about thinair" window.
this behaviour does not show with other resolution 800x600 or 1024x769 it is okay here.
i am running thinbasic 1.8.8 on windows xp/ sp2
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Issue Number 294
Project thinAir and Visual Designer
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Affected Version 1.8.8
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22-08-2011 00:48
thinBasic author
Under investigation.

I need to find a computer able to go at 640x480 because under my Virtual Machines I cannot go lower that 800x600
I will try next days at office.

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