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thinBasic MVPs
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I often wonder what version of TB I have running but unless I write a script or become more of dll detective there is no quick way of seeing what's running.

Perhaps an entry on the about dialog which show the current thincore version would be an easier option ;)


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28-01-2011 07:16
thinBasic author
Good idea!

28-01-2011 11:29
thinBasic MVPs
Perhaps an expansion on this could be :

A button on the about dialog which creates another window this would show the filenames of all the dll's in the lib folder along with versions numbers.
A dump button which can then create a text file with the same information.

28-01-2011 13:01
thinBasic author
Exactly what I was thinking

10-05-2011 11:32
thinBasic MVPs
I had a idea for a simple method to show version numbers at a glance....perhaps adding the thinCore version to the title bar of ThinAir :)

10-05-2011 14:28
thinBasic author

be sure that this is one of the things I will add next to thinAir.


15-05-2011 16:52
thinBasic author
Will be present in next release

16-05-2011 06:40
thinBasic author
Attached to this post (see bottom) new about window with file version checking.
New about window is sizable.

Now window is visible only at the end of the scan process.
I'm working on scanning process in order to show window while scanning.

16-05-2011 17:27
thinBasic author
Finished to develop file version info using a parallel thread in order not to hang about window loading
Feature will be present in next release.

21-05-2011 17:45
thinBasic author
There was a problem when different language info (other than American English) was present in the file
Thanks to Petr Schreiber and source code of Egbert Zijlema ( ) I fixed the code.

See image attached as last item in this thread

21-05-2011 19:57
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