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thinBasic MVPs
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I had an issue with a script that kept showing an error and I couldnt workout why then I realised I didnt add an important file to the bundle.

I know there are functions for bundling from a script but how about a directive that the bundle can read from the script(s) that tells what extra files to add, much like you do already with the uses .....,...

#BUNDLE [ONCE] myfile.exe, anotherfile.dll, mypicture.jpg

This would make my hair stay on my head and not in my hands.

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30-04-2010 07:42
thinBasic author
Nice one
I will check about that.
You know this area (bundling) was not under my control but I will try to handover.

11-05-2010 07:43
thinBasic author
Almost done.

11-05-2010 08:21
thinBasic MVPs
I should of asked sooner but is it possible for you to add all of the bundling options as directives.

#BUNDLE NAME "mybundle"
#BUNDLE EXTRACT "%TEMP%" - Path to extract folder
#BUNDLE INCFOLDER "C:\stuff" - Path to folder to include
#BUNDLE ICON "C:\myicon.ico" - This is the icon for the bundle (perhaps you could call the iconchanger script after the bundle process)

Anymore you can think of..

Thanks for your work as always.


11-05-2010 08:51
Super Moderator

in the meantime, you could create your own "makefile" for the script, as a script using Bundle module functions:


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