Template autoselect
issueid=153 16-07-2008 18:18
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Template autoselect

Hi Roberto,

another suggestion - but very easy one :)
When I open Template dialog, I often click directory in tree view on the left, and then Use (I forgot to select template). This results in doing ... nothing.

So what about:
  • when I open template dialog, it would preselect one template ( it could be called Empty.taguit and contain really nothing )
  • when I click in that treeview on directory, first template in the right listview would be autoselected

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16-07-2008 21:02
thinBasic MVPs
I like this suggestion too. Thanks.

18-07-2008 09:56
Senior Member
Hi Petr and Kent,

because I don't like autoselection I changed a bit the selection of templates, can you please try the attached ThinAIR.exe and let me know your suggestions? Thanks.


18-07-2008 20:52
Super Moderator
Hi Roberto,

ideal for me now :)

Thank you,

20-07-2008 04:59
thinBasic MVPs
Thanks Roberto, a very nice solution.

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