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issueid=139 03-10-2007 19:00
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thinAir Bundler

Hi Roberto,

thinAir bundle is perfectly working tool.
I have just three suggestions:

In case I check "Ask before extract", then EXE asks "Ok to run?" + it has filename including full path in caption.
This, just from aesthetical point of view :), doesn't look good.

Would it be possible to change it to something like "Do you wish to run program?" and in caption just name of EXE file, no path.

Second thing - password protected EXE. Not high priority, but I think it can be useful when not sure in which hands EXE can end :)

Last idea - custom icon. I have no problem with current one, but in case I have more proggies on desktop, and all "looking the same", it forces me to ... read the filename ! :D

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04-10-2007 10:13
Senior Member
Hi Petr,

as usual good suggestions coming from you.
I think that will be "boundled" all together into next release of ThinBASIC boundle.

Last idea - custom icon
Do you have a beautiful icon to pass me?


04-10-2007 10:51
thinBasic author

I think Petr would like to be able to indicate different icons every time. So, every executable can have its own different icons specified when bundling exe. I think it is a good idea.

And if possible it could be a good idea to be able to indicate also version info and the other info present in Version tab when you right click on a executable asking for properties. Currently thinBundle default all values taking from current thinBasic version installed. Maybe exe version and description can be left to the user.


04-10-2007 11:10
Senior Member
I see, sorry no possible at this stage, maybe even more ahead.


04-10-2007 18:20
Super Moderator

yes, I meant custom icon like Eros explained.
There is nothing wrong with current one, just good to have such a option.

Not possible at this stage is related to which points ?


05-10-2007 09:14
Senior Member
Essentially time, we don't have code ready for handle resource now.


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