Multidisplay support
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Multidisplay support


during the brief moment there was a registration issue on the old forum, user "plamen" contacted me with question about TBGL multimonitor support.

I developed it, and would like to ask anyone who runs multimonitor configuration (and who has some spare time) to test the newly developed functionality.

The attachement contains latest TBGL DLL and sample script, which will guide you through the testing process.

Let me know if you like the function names as well, nothing is set to stone yet.

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25-11-2010 16:34
Junior Member
Hi Petr,
I tested the example you sent me about multy display support. Here are some things that happened. It seems i only can start TBGL window on my first screen and then move it to my second . The problem is that i have primary LCD on my laptop running at 1366x720 at 60hz and secondary 800x600 50hz. So if i want a fullscreen TBGL window on screen 2 it sets the mode on my first screen /of course/ and then moves my TBGL window in second. Its not really very useful. I think we need option in TBGL_CreateWindowEx command about which one screen we need to create TBGL window and set the resolution. In case we work with maximized and normaly sized windows its not big deal because u can move window to the second screen and then show it up. But when i need to start the graphics full screen on second window and keep control interface on the first one, its not good to change first screen resolution. I hope i explained it enough clear with my broken english.

P.S. I forgot to mention if i move TBGL window on my second screen and then use command to set full screen mode it sets full screen on my first screen (where initially TBGL was born) with resolution set by CreateWindowEx...

27-11-2010 09:41
thinBasic MVPs
I can't test Petr as no dual display setup at the moment. But this feature will be a great addition, thanks!

28-11-2010 21:46
Super Moderator
Hi Plamen,

thank you for your report, problems with fullscreen mode on "other" monitor are documented in help file for latest TBGL, I should have linked to that post in the first place, my apologies. I will look into the obstacles for using fullscreen mode in near future.

Ken't - no problem :) But thanks for the support!


29-11-2010 10:35
thinBasic MVPs
Same here, no dual screen setup. Only tripple computer setup (Mac, XP, Vista) :)

29-11-2010 11:44
Junior Member
Thanks Petr.

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