View Full Version : Win7 64 bit: my new development machine.

23-05-2010, 14:37
Finally after few try I found a new laptop where to work on for development.
I was able to migrate all applications I need from my previous laptop and I'm finally up and running for development.

HP EliteBook 8540w
Win7Pro 64 bit, 8GB Ram
CPU Intel i7 M620 2.67GHz
GPU NVIDIA Quadro FX1800M 1GB Ram

I'm also happy to say that all tests I've performed so far in thinBasic have done positive results so it means that under 64 bits and Win7 there will be few or no problems for thinBasic development. Interpreter is OK, thinAir editor is OK, thinDebugger is OK. Also all modules I've tested are OK. I will perform further dedicated tests especially in TBGL and will report info in a new post.

Of course it is also OK the compiler I'm using to develop thinBasic thinAir and all modules: Power Basic 9.x.

The only big problem I'm facing is that Microsoft Visual Studio 6 is not compatible at all and the only way I have to use it is under a virtual machine (the so called Windows XP Mode). From Visual Studio 6 we have used Visual C to develop thinCOM.dll, thinBasic interface to the COM world. So if there will be needs to change it I will do from the virtual machine but I'm thinking to port thinCOM.dll as native into thinBasic Core engine.

For the moment that's all.


Charles Pegge
23-05-2010, 18:31
Hi Eros,

I have had no problems whatsoever under Vista64. Most apps are actually 32 bit - only the operating system itself and a few things like 7zip use 64bit mode. Often there is a choice of version.

Surprised to hear about VS6. Did they do that deliberately?


23-05-2010, 21:22
Surprised to hear about VS6. Did they do that deliberately?

Do not know.
Searched in some forums and all posts say to use an XPMode (virtual machine under Win 7)
When you try to install VS6 it ask about upgrading Microsoft Java Virtual machine but you cannot.
I think there are some work around but it is not worth for me to lose too much time


Petr Schreiber
23-05-2010, 23:41
What a perfect machine,

I guess it will be able to manage OpenCL as well!